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conlang links

This page contains constructed language related links to sites on the web.

Constructed Human Languages
Chris Bogart's site containing a good catalog of conlangs listed by category (e.g. artistic, logical et. al.)
The Waldzell Constructed Language
Mark Line's Waldzell project. Based on the Waldzell Glass Bead Game, this appeared to be an innovative approach to conlang design.  The project was apparently abandoned at about the same time that Mark dropped out of conlang circles (3/97)
The Conlang FAQ
The FAQ Page for the conlang mailing list. "Everything you ever wanted to know about making up your own language, and more." Unfortunately, this page has not been maintained. Last updated 12/20/97
Essays on Artificial Language Design
A collection of writings on language design by Rick Morneau, including "Lexical Semantics", a revolutionary essay on the subject, is a must-see for all conlang enthusiasts!
Internet Resources Relating to Constructed Languages
Richard Kennaway's catalog of conlang resources on the web
Geoff Hacker's Conlang Pages
Not much here yet, but seemingly good direction. May have been abandoned in pursuit of Lojban
Jeffrey Henning's langmaker site. Home of the LangMaker software, the Babel Text, the Dublex Game and much more.
Constructed Languages Resources
Some conlang links. This page doesn't seem to have any indication of who its author might be.
Blahedo's Language Links
Don Bleheta's list of language links including General Linguistics, Auxlangs, Conlangs and Natlangs
Scattered Tongues Web Ring
Headquarters for the Scattered Tongues Web Ring containing links to more than 60 sites