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In the beginning....

The Ultrasounds

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5andhalfweeks.jpg (47622 bytes) ultra2.jpg (51146 bytes) ultra3.jpg (49364 bytes)

Sam and E.J.
5 1/2 weeks

Sam and E.J.
6 and 1/2 weeks

Sam (left)
E.J. (right)

ultra4aclip.jpg (71887 bytes)

ultra4bclip.jpg (76171 bytes)

Ethan at 13 weeks
Looks like Brian

Samantha at 13 weeks
Looks like Kiri

ultra5c.jpg (74525 bytes)

Just the two of them.
Getting to know each other

ultra5a.jpg (75544 bytes)

ultra5b.jpg (74094 bytes)

Ethan 18 weeks
identified as a boy.

Samantha 18 weeks
identified as a girl

ultra7a.jpg (74882 bytes) ultra7b.jpg (74062 bytes)

Ethan 20 weeks
Samantha's foot
in background

Samantha 20 weeks
The more active
of the pair